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Kevin Ivory White


Interview by Richard Massie

Age:  22

Ethnicity:  African-American. Do you put Creole if you just black? I guess put Creole in quotations…

Date of birth:  September 27th 1993

Where were you born?  Centinela Hospital in Inglewood, Ca.

Where’s home?  Home is in the heart.

What do you do for a living?  I guess I’m a skateboarder and a model. I be out here, just living trying to find my place & purpose.

Did you graduate high school? Yeah, I graduated from Verbum Dei High School. It means “The Word of God” in Latin. It’s a Catholic school.

How long have you been skateboarding?  I picked up a skateboard when I was 5 years old, so about 17 years.

Who are you sponsored by?  Illegal Civilization, HUF Footwear, CRAP Eyewear, Ricta, and Hardies Hardware.. That’s it I think.

How did you start skateboarding?  I would go to my dad’s house and see the X-Games on ESPN. That was in like 98 or 99. My cousins used to skate too so I would use their board. I got my first skateboard on like my 6th birthday.

Who’s your favorite skater? Keenan Milton is my all-time favorite.

What’s your favorite video part? Brandon Biebel & Brian Wenning in Subtleties, that and Koston’s and Rodrigo’s part in Menikmati

What’s your go-to trick?  Switch flips & switch heels

Who’s your favorite people to skate with?  My mothafuckin homies! Lil Kevin, Nak, Mikey Alfred, Mike P, Black Mike, Richard, Blake, Joe Face, Tyshawn, Sage, Jared Cleland, Olan, Jimi Britches, Haden, and Krunch.

Where’s your favorite place to skate?  Venice Skatepark

Trick you wish you could do?  Switch backlips

What’s your favorite flower?  I like sunflowers

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?  Give McKenna a kiss.

What did you have for breakfast today?  I rolled up

What’s something you do every single day?  Think about my mother.

What’s the last good advice someone gave you?  All this money shit doesn’t matter. We shouldn’t let something like money control us.

Worst trend from 2015?  People skating to music they don’t actually listen to.. That and niggas pretending to be fake gays, that shit is the worst.

Who inspires you the most?  My mother. She always went out and got things for herself, by all means. She was perfectly imperfect.

Are you religious?  I believe in God strongly. I say my prayers. I grew up in Catholic school but I’m not religious. You don’t need to be religious to have a personal relationship with God.

If you could have any job in the world what would it be?  National Geographic Cinematographer

If you could be anyone for one day, who would you be?  Farrakhan during his last speech.

What’s your favorite place that you’ve been to?  I wanna say Austin, Texas. I had a fuckin’ blast in Austin. I spent time alone and learned to trust myself. I’ma be straight.

What’s your favorite cartoon? Archer

What’s your go-to choice at the ice cream truck?  Strawberry Shortcake

Who’s your favorite Ninja Turtle? Michelangelo

What’s your favorite cereal? Cinnamon Toast Crunch – I don’t fuck with milk tho.

More peanut butter or more jelly?  I don’t fuck with none of that shit.

What’s favorite song right now? “Bring Me Drank” by Key!

What’s your favorite memory as a child?  All the great times I spent with my mom. Every experience that taught me to be a better person.

How old were you when you lost your virginity?  I had a weird camp experience where I put it in, but it didn’t count.. (Laughs) so I guess I’ll say like 16 or 17.

Any last words?  Do what the fuck you wanna do. Don’t be discouraged if anyone has something negative to say. Everything that happens is meant to be so don’t fold under pressure – fight through it and you’ll become a diamond.

Those Folks 2014 Recap


We started off 2014 in San Francisco for some time to reflect and celebrate on the successes that came from the previous year. The short trip was followed up with new “scratch-n-sniff” stickers and a field trip to Las Vegas for AGENDA

Guerilla marketing at it’s finest!















Our brother Blake Johnson received his first coverage in a skate magazine with his “Question Mark” article for The Skateboard Mag – then he followed up with his first ad for Santa Cruz Skateboards and dropped a video part welcoming him to the team.



The (Those Folks) interviews I did this year were my favorite! Thank you Danny Trejo, Rick Klotz, Mikey Alfred, and Kevin Bradley – click their names to read each interview.





We (Those Folks) found a home for our production over at Mixed Media! Thank you Bobby, Ben, Jon, and Nick a.k.a “Old Man” you guys are the best.





Alina and Scali from The Hundreds took a trip to Venice in March to spend the day with us and interview me about Those Folks for their blog – click HERE to read it.






Before the interview and before any type of communication with The Hundreds, we received an email from them stating their interest in carrying Those Folks in their stores; I was in awe to say the least. I’ve always believed if you worked hard and smart enough, the right things will happen at the right time.

Screen shot 2014-12-29 at 2.58.05 PM

We then released our Spring line which would be picked up by The Hundreds and available at their Santa Monica, San Francisco, and New York stores.









photo 1


We took another trip to S.F. to celebrate the release of our Spring line and Those Folks being carried at THSF!


During this time The Hundreds asked if I would like to be a contributor on their website and I accepted the opportunity.

Click HERE to read my first post about our trip to San Francisco and how I felt about Those Folks being sold in stores.


















Juice Magazine reached out to us back in January offering ad space in their upcoming 20th anniversary issue – I couldn’t believe it. The magazine was published in June and having our very own Those Folks ad was a dream come true! It was without a doubt one of my proudest accomplishments so I decided to write about it on my column for The Hundreds blog.

Click HERE to read it.


Chris Brown was spotted wearing Those Folks on Melrose outside of Brooklyn Projects.


The most surprising thing that happened in 2014 was AGENDA reaching out to us which then led to us having our very own booth at the Long Beach convention. After attending the tradeshow for years by sneaking in and/or trading off passes, it was a huge accomplishment to showcase our brand for the first time.

Screen shot 2014-12-29 at 4.40.05 PM









I met a good friend by the name of Quentin Curtat through my buddy Skyler Dahan who both helped me bring my “Honey, I Shrunk The Folks” idea to life. This is by far my favorite photo shoot that we’ve done for Those Folks.









We released our Summer line exclusively at Conveyor in Fred Segal and enjoyed the summertime as we always do!









photo 3

photo 2






















We won 1st place in the All-City Athletics Basketball League!



Illegal Civilization was given it’s own radio show on Dash Radio! Much thanks to DJ Skee, Karlie, and Mikey for letting me be apart of it.

Download the Dash Radio App and tune into the Odd Future Station every Wednesday at 5pm! (PST)




We held our 3rd consecutive homeless outreach in Venice – serving over 200 plates of food.







Michael Paul Alfred


Interview by Richard Massie

Age:   19

Ethnicity:   Black – Creole

Date of birth?   February 24th, 1995

Where were you born?   L.A. – Cedars-Sinai – The day I was born was the same day Eazy-E found out he had aids, he was in the same hospital.

Where’s home?   North Hollywood

Did you graduate high school?   Yep. I graduated from Beverly High but I didn’t really go to school. I booked my last 2 periods as film class and would leave every day at noon. My teacher Mr. Carey was cool as fuck, he knew I was out filming so he didn’t really care. I would go to class but just ask to use the bathroom when it started and he knew that meant I was trying to leave.

I couldn’t really talk to anyone at school, our minds weren’t on the same page. Like when I missed 11 days of school because we went to Japan, when I got back this kid asked where I had been and after I told him, he’s like “Damn, that dope.” Then I asked him what he’s been up to and he’s like, “Man I’m just really trying to get this job at Chick-fil-A.” (Laughs) You feel me?

So what is it that you do for a living?   Damn. Umm… work at Chick-fil-A (Laughs) It’s weird. Like I make money of making t-shirts and videos but that’s stuff I would do for free. I’m just able to make money from it, it’s crazy. I guess I’m just displaying our culture.

How would describe what Illegal Civiliaztion (IC) is and what it means to you?   It means everything to me. I would just say it’s an idea. It’s a bunch of kids that are young but handling their shit. Whether it be skating, music, designing clothes, art, photography, etc.

Illegal Civ is just showing kids what they’re capable of doing. Like this is the music you should listen to, this is how you can interact with bitches, this is what you can do, this is fun. We have this weird ability to bring things together that normally wouldn’t work. We’re bringing kids together too. Like if 2 kids see each other wearing the IC visors, they automatically have something in common.

Yeah, I agree. It’s the same with Those Folks, when someone random is wearing it, you know they’re down for what the movement represents and not just the t-shirt or hat or whatever.

You’re doing something really great with Illegal Civ. It’s moving kids in a strong and positive way. Like even when I watch the videos, I feel like a kid again. The music is always on point and it’s just kids having fun.   Yeah, I think people like it because it comes from a place of joy. I like laughing and smiling more than being cool or serious.

And back to the visors, I would’ve never thought of or even considered selling Those Folks visors. Like we couldn’t make that work. I don’t think any brand, no matter how big or established they are could have released yellow visors and had the impact that IC did. Not the Hundreds, not Diamond, not anyone.

Why do you think that worked out like it did?   I don’t know. We’re just good at setting trends. Like the “No Bev” thing, we started saying that and now everyone knows about it and is using it. Just like “Close your neck!” that’s just a game that everyone is doing now. With the visors it’s crazy because people told me not to do it. At the IC2 premiere in S.F. there was about 200-300 kids wearing the visor. I saw kids at Coachella wearing it, and a girl in Canada also.

It’s crazy to sit back and watch your idea become so much huh?   Yeah, for real. There was 100 kids at the first IC video premiere and there was a 1,000 kids at IC2.

So how did Illegal Civ first start?   It started in Pasadena when I was 14. The original members of IC was little Kevin, Nakel, Wheels, Lester, Tarzan, and these 3 kids from Pasadena that don’t skate anymore. I made my first video when I was 12 tho. I put it on dvd and trapped it out at skateparks for $9. Kids used to hit me up on Myspace and I would go meet them to sell it.

How did IC get to where it is now?   Honestly, Nak brought me around Tyler and them (Odd Future) and I just saw how Tyler was making shit happen. He started inviting me to the studio to film them and I just saw how he was doing it. It made me realize life is about more than just skating. Hanging out with Tyler even made me quit smoking weed. I used to smoke a lot and even sell weed.

It’s crazy how similar Illegal Civ and Those Folks are. From the idea behind it being a collective of artists and skaters, to how it all started. I saw someone running their own brand and it sparked the idea for me to create something of my own.

Do you think Tyler knew he was helping you?   Yeah, definitely. When we were taking photos of the first IC shirt on Fairfax and he ran up like, “I need a shirt! Take a picture of me wearing it.” He would always do random shit to help me. He really embraced me.

He just saw something in you and showed you what was capable?   Yeah. It’s really just about everyone staying on it and never not doing something. We were always filming, always editing, always skating, always making music. Everyone makes their own moves but we move as a whole. If you’re not holding someone back, they will want to support you. We’re just encouraging kids to be kids. Go chase it. Find something you want, write it down, and do something every day towards that.

Like me working at Chick-fil-A, I wanted this forever. (Laughs)

How old were you when you started skating?   I was 5. My friend and I used to take turns going down the hill on a longboard.

So you’ve been skating since you were 5 and you’re still this weak?   (Laughs) Yep. I started getting good but I tried to ollie the McCambridge 8 stair and ate shit. After eating shit over and over that’s when I realized I’m not supposed to do this shit.

Would you say skateboarding is responsible for Illegal Civ?   Yeah, that and music. I love music. I have 11,000 songs on my computer. I got old Daddy Yankee vinyls and shit.

Who’s your favorite skater?   Nakel or little Kevin. I don’t really care about any skaters but my friends. Like I’ll watch someone’s video part once and then not care about it at all.

Where’s your favorite place you’ve visited?   Iceland. The women out there give it up hella easy. It’s beautiful out there.

What’s your favorite cartoon?   100% the Simpsons. I’ve seen every episode. Look what I got! (reaches in pocket and pulls out his Gameboy Advance with Bart Simpson’s Escape from Camp Deadly)

What’s your favorite cereal?   I don’t drink milk so I don’t eat cereal. I used to love milk but when I was 4 this guy was watching me and poured me a bowl of cereal, and when I was washing the bowl after I ate it, I just threw up all over the place. The milk was so old it was basically cheese. That was the last time I drank milk.

That’s probably why it hurt so much when your weak ass couldn’t ollie that 8 stair.   (Laughs)

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?   Watch the Simpsons. I have a tv in the kitchen and I put on the Simpsons while I make food. Then I listen to music and figure out what I’m gonna do.

What did you have for breakfast today?   Biscuits. I had one with apricot jelly and one with grape jelly. Wait, I’m trippin. It was strawberry jelly, I don’t even like grape jelly like that.

No bev?   Umm.. water.

That pause sounded like you didn’t.   No, I had bev. I never eat without bev, that’s unsafe. You can choke and die. My friend Tyshawn loves eating without a bev – that’s his shit. He also drives a Honda Accord.

What’s something you have to do every single day?   Watch the Simpsons. I feel sus if I don’t.

If you could have any job in the world what would it be?   Chick-fil-A (Laughs)

What’s your go-to choice at the ice cream truck?   At Stoner I get a banana split with everything except nuts.

Wait, you said you order a banana split but just ask for nuts? You are SUS.   (Laughs)

Do you prefer more peanut butter or more jelly?   More jelly. But I put the peanut butter on first as a base. And I eat peanut butter and jelly on croissants.

What’s the last song you listened to?   “One Spliff A Day” by Billy Boyo

How old were you when you lost your virginity?   15. I talked to the girl for a year before we smashed. She wasn’t my girlfriend tho. Sex is important, like make sure you only have sex with girls you like. A random girls is cool every now and then but it’s important to respect women.

Do you have a girlfriend now?   Olan. (Laughs)

What’s next for Illegal Civilization?   Teen Vogue, LACMA, clips, clips, and more clips. NIGGA.

Any last words?   eeskabobi poopoo teetee… nah I’m just kidding. September 1st! IC2! Let’s get it!


Illegal Civilization 2 drops September 1st with each set of the IC x Spitfire wheel collaboration.


Skateboarding Saves Lives : Our Very First Those Folks Ad!

We are pleased to announce the very first Those Folks advertisement in the new issue of Juice Magazine!


Click HERE to read my article on The Hundreds blog explaining where the concept for the ad derived from and what it means to myself on a personal level.