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Those Folks 2013 Recap

We started off the year with our Valentine’s Day release. At the time I wanted to design some non-cornball shit that was against (in my opinion) possibly the worst holiday to ever go commercial. The drop included 3 different t-shirts and a snapback.

The first design was a Kim Casali tribute called “Love Is…”

The second design was something I’ve had in mind for a long time and perfect for Valentine’s Day. I searched all over L.A. to find the right oxeye daisies, checked my little brother & sister out of school early, then took some pictures of them playing the game “She (or He) loves me, she loves me not.”

The snapback was designed from the absence of LOVE…

Our good friend Cole Moss released his “Why Unicorn Drinks” book.

We made new stickers and some new lookbooks for our field trip to Vegas for MAGIC.
Guerilla marketing at it’s finest!

My childhood friend Gilbert Trejo jumped back on the scene and I was privileged enough to put together a TDRT (The Dead Reagan Tour) x CBG (Chill Black Guys) show. It was the first time Gilbert’s band TDRT played a show in over 5 years, and the first time CBG ever played with a live punk band. The night was definitely one to remember!

FRANK151 reached out to us for an interview and posted the article on their website!
Click HERE to read it.

In May we released our second collaboration with Crap Eyewear. This time around we got to design 2 different styles. Our “T.V. Eye” style frames are possibly my favorite thing that I have ever designed.

Our brother “Black Daniel” was finally released from jail. In my best attempt to keep him out of jail, I decided to take a skate trip up North to Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Oakland, and San Francisco. He had the time of his life during the trip but my #KeepBlackDanielOuttaJail campaign didn’t work for as long as I wanted. He was arrested once again shortly after we returned to L.A.

We held Warm Brew’s listening party for their album “The Ride” at Venice Orignals.

A girl named Autumn in St. Louis got a Those Folks tattoo on her foot!

We purchased 2 VHS video cameras to start filming a new Those Folks video, and just like every year, we enjoyed every day of the Summer!

My cousin “Juice” started making Those Folks jewelry, it will be available soon.

We signed up in a basketball league for the first time, and definitely not the last.

I took my first ever family trip to Kern River. I had never been camping before, it was the best time I had all year.

We held our very first skate contest at the skatepark in Venice. We filmed the contest with our VHS cameras but we’re saving the footage for the new Those Folks video that will be out next year.

Our boy Miles Silvas from Sacramento got the cover of Transworld Magazine!

Mikey Alfred from Illegal Civilization put together his first art show featuring work from Nakel Smith, Lego, Cedric Grandberry, Myself, as well as his own.

I finally met Bobby Hundreds so we could talk about things that happened in the past and left a sour relationship between The Hundreds and Those Folks. I’m glad we cleared everything up and now there might be a TH x TF collaboration coming soon…

For the second year in a row, Those Folks fed the homeless in Venice for Thanksgiving. We served over 200 plates of food and handed out socks & beanies as well. It’s always good to give back and although the government is trying to make it illegal, I hope we can keep this tradition going.

Those Folks 2012 Recap

We started off 2012 with the release of our very first pair of sunglasses with Crap Eyewear.

The sunglasses would drop on the 19th of January, and later land on the face of Lil’ Wayne in his video for “Mirror” featuring Bruno Mars. It was very surreal to say the least…

We went through a quick “trippy” stage in all respect to Juicy J.


We came together with DTA (Don’t Trust Anyone) to host a “Chill N’ Grill” at Stoner Park

The SMC Corsair published an article on Those Folks in their newspaper.

2012 seemed like the right time to put out a Those Folks x Warm Brew collaboration.
Not only are we very good friends, but they are a REALLY dope hip-hop group from the same side of town; it was only right to come together and give our folks a dope show & t-shirt.

Breaks Magazine interviewed me (Richard Massie) about Those Folks…

Our brother “Black Daniel” was released from jail, but arrested again later in the year…


The demand for a Those Folks x DTA collabo grew strong so we decided to make that happen.

In July we held our very 2nd Art Show in Koreatown with a live performance by Azizi Gibson

We dropped our “Not Like Most Folks” video

After Blake placed 4th at Damn Am Woodward West & won the Zumiez Destroyer Award, he followed up with the release of his 2012 video part!


We accomplished (in my opinion) our best/most challenging photoshoot so far.

We re-released our “Say No To Hoes” t-shirt in 2 new colorways along with a new logo tee at Brooklyn Projects in November.

After the release we took a percentage of the profits and fed the homeless in Venice for Thanksgiving.

2012 was a great year for us and we’re happy to say we survived “The End of The World”
Best wished to everyone in 2013, hopefully the good things keep rolling into the new year.

Philippa Deborah Price & Sarah "Smiley" Elizabeth Stevens (Guns, Germs, $teal)

Interview by Richard Massie

How old are you girls, and what ethnicity are you?

Philippa:  I’m 23 years old, and pure blood English.

Smiley:  I’m 23, and German/American but mistaken for Swedish on a daily basis.

Where were you born?

Philippa:  Farnborough, Hampshire (England)

Smiley:  Cedars-Sinai Hospital in West L.A.

What do you girls do for a living?

We run “Guns, Germs, & $teal” but it’s not much of a living yet.

If you could have any job in the world what would it be?

Philippa:  What I’m doing 10 years from now.

Smiley:  Richard Branson as a female.

What was your first job?

Philippa:  I braided horse’s hair at horse shows.

Smiley:  A hotess at the Chart House.

So how did “Guns, Germs, & $teal” start?

Philippa: It started in 2009 at the Parsons Metal Shop in NYC. “Smiley” used to sneak in and attend class. She got kicked out after a few weeks when someone heard her ask where the bathroom was.

What was the first piece GG$ made?

Smiley: The brass wallet/cigarette case.

How did it take off?

Philippa: Cool Material, an online magazine, posted a feature on GG$ and we got close to 100 orders via email from all over the world. I guess you can say that’s how things got going.

Ok, I’m gonna ask you something about each other. Smiley what color looks best on Philippa?

Smiley:  Teal

Now what about Smiley?

Philippa: Rust

What’s your favorite thing about each other?

Smiley:  Philippa thinks everything is so funny.  “Everything is so funny!” -Philippa

Philippa:  Smiley’s alter ego Maria, she’s a bitch. I got her a chain with “Maria” on it.

What special talents do each other have?

Smiley:  Philippa can take her teeth out.

Philippa:  Smiley has a crazy arch in her foot a.k.a ballerina feet.

What’s your least favorite thing about each other?

Smiley:  Philippa loses EVERYTHING.

Philippa:  When Smiley is grumpy.

What your favorite Disney Princess?

Philippa:  Jasmine from Aladdin

Smiley:  Ariel, The Little Mermaid

Favorite ice cream?

Philippa:  Mint chocolate chip

Smiley:  Rocky road

Favorite song right now?

“There He Go” by Schoolboy Q! (They yelled it at the same time)

What’s your favorite 2 colors together?

Philippa:  Burnt orange & light teal

Smiley:  Succulents & wood

Favorite cereal?

Philippa:  Peanut Butter Puffins

Smiley:  Lucky Charms

What’s your favorite cereal company mascot?

Philippa:  Honeycomb

Smiley:  Cookie Crisp

Salad dressing preference?

Philippa:  Balsamic vinegar

Smiley:  Ceasar

More peanut butter or more jelly?

Philippa:  More peanut butter

Smiley:  Same

(Philippa’s cell phone rings and our good friend  “Young Hawaii Slim” interrupts the interview)


YHS: Who is this!?

This is Richard! Thanks for interrupting my interview with GG$ asshole.

YHS: (Laughs) What’s good ugly! Are you really interviewing them right now?

Yes and you’re fvckin’ it up.

YHS: (Laughs) So what! Let’s hangout!

You know where we are, come through. (Hangs up phone)

Ok, let’s get back to the interview we’re almost done.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Philippa:  Making coffee is an unspoken rule  for whoever wakes up first.

What’s something you gotta do every day?

Smoke weed! (They said it at the same time, again)

What’s the last meal you shared together?

Smiley:  We share every meal.

Philippa:  Half price, small stomachs.

What was it?

Smiley:  A veggie panini from Panini Garden with a salad and Arnold Palmer

Where do you want to be 5 years from now?

Smiley:  New York

Philippa:  I want GG$ to be bigger, more world wide.

What’s your drink of choice?

Smiley:  Dark & Stormy (whiskey, ginger beer, and lime)

Philippa:  Same

Have you ever taken acid?

Smiley:  Yes

Philippa:  We were together every time.

Money or Power?

Smiley:  Money is power.

Philippa:  Knowledge.

Ok so let’s talk about your trip around the U.S. of A – How long was it, where did you go, what we’re the ingredients and who were attendees?

Philippa:  The trip took 6 weeks, there were 3 girls and a pitbull. It was from NY to LA but zig-zagged through a bunch of states. We had a lot of drugs in a scent proof box that was magnetized to the bottom of the car.


Philippa:  Yeah

Smiley:  It was so much fun.

What we’re some of the stops along the way?

Smiley:  The first stop was the Hamptons in New York.

Philippa:  We stayed in Pennsylvania for a couple days, then we stopped in Ohio, Indianapolis, Missouri,  and we went to “Bonnaroo” in Tennessee!

Smiley:  It was the best!

What was your favorite place you visited?


Where else did you stop along the way?

Kansas, Texas, (White Sands) New Mexico, and Arizona.

Ok, so what about the alien sighting?

Philippa:  Yes! The marfa lights in Texas!

Smiley:  We got matching tattoos after.

After all that, GG$ made it to Los Angeles and is chillin’ with Those Folks in Venice, very nice.

(The patio door busts open, and we couldn’t be happier to see our ugly friend “Young Hawaii Slim” with a “dirty sprite” in hand)

YHS: Wassuppp motherfvckers!!! (Laughs) Sorry for interrupting, keep going. (hugs and handshakes) Don’t mind me.

Ok let’s finish this up. So what’s the best characteristic in a guy?

Smiley:  Passion

Philippa:  Ambition. Something they care about a lot so they don’t annoy me. (Laughs)

When you girls go out, who gets hit on more?

Smiley:  It’s equal.

Philippa:  Yeah, it really is equal.

(Young Hawaii Slim leans over and whispers to me, “I love them both.” – Me too.)

Have you ever liked the same guy?

Smiley:  No

Philippa:  We’ve never had a conflict of interest. (Laughs)

What’s your type?

Smiley:  Tall, dark hair, dark eyes, and passionate.

Philippa:  Tall, mixed race, funny, kinda mean, and a little crazy. (Laughs)

Damn, if only we were taller… (Laughs)

YHS: Really tho!

Ok, so how old were you when you lost your virginity?

Smiley:  I was 18

Philippa:  17

Was the guy a virgin also?

Smiley:  No

Philippa:  Nope

How was it? (Laughs)

Smiley:  Mediocre

Philippa:  It was fine.

Hawaii, what about you? How old were you when you lost your virginity?

YHS: Shit, I was 13. (Laughs) Puerto Rican girls are freaky!

Does she listen to your music?

YHS: I don’t know. Her name is Jessica Brown, I tried to find her on Facebook.

Back to the girls, what’s your favorite sex position?

Smiley:  You have to find out for yourself.

Well is that gonna happen..? (Laughs)

Smiley:  You never know what the future holds.

What about you Philippa what’s your favorite position?

Philippa:  Reverse Cowgirl! I just like the name.

You’re not a cowgirl though…

Philippa:  I know, I’m a Equestrian.

If you could be reincarnated as an animal, what would you be?

Philippa:  A fox.

Smiley:  A pegasus-unicorn-fox with gills.

What’s your favorite brand besides your own?

Those Folks! Duh.

How nice. Any last words?

“You could live twice.”