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"Say No To Hoes" Release

We’d like to give a BIG thank you to everyone who made it out to Brooklyn Projects on Sunday for the release of our “Say No To Hoes” t-shirt. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support from Murf & Dom, thank you both! The opportunity was a blessing that’s much appreciated.

Photos By: Joshua Smith

A Form Of Flattery?

We found this picture of Jay Ughh a.k.a The Chillest Black Guy from ThoseFolks wearing our new “Say No To Hoes” t-shirt on The Hundreds blog and realized they had edited the photo so you couldn’t read it.¬†Our first thought of their photoshop trickery was the shirt is too explicit for their fan base, but is it really? We like to believe Mothers would tell their kids the same thing… Then we thought about how much their site would’ve gotten hit up about the shirt, and we understand how the million dollar empire that they are wouldn’t want to give any shine to some new brand they know nothing about. We could take it as a compliment but it’s a bit confusing, and more like hating to folks like us. The issue has been addressed to Bobby Hundreds on twitter but he has yet to give us a real response; one word responses don’t say much.

All we want is an explanation.