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The Gym Class Zero


Yesterday, Travis McCoy from The Gym Class Heroes came down to the Venice Beach Skate Park to film for a music video and it ended similar to the scene at Washington Square Park in the movie KIDS. He learned first-hand the importance of self-respect, the respect of others, and the respect for the environment of others. That’s why you don’t climb into the lion cage at the zoo. Next time hire Those Folks for security and get your hood pass.

Welcome To Venice!

Kelly Green

In celebration of the The Venice Beach Skate Plaza Grand Opening, We (TF) and Rogue Status are re-releasing our “Menace Beach” collabo in a new color. The shirt will ONLY be available at the Rogue Status flagship in Venice; starting tomorrow.

1720 Main St. Venice, Ca. 90291




p.s. there’s only 60 pieces.