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Kevin Jamal Bradley Jr.

Interview by Richard Massie

Age:  18, Grown.

Ethnicity:  I’m black & white but I just say I’m black. If you wanna get into it, I’m Creole & Belizean.

Date of birth?  October 27th

Where were you born?  I’m not sure… Yeah, I don’t even know. I think my parents found me floating in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.

Where’s home?  2nd Ave & 39th

What do you do for a living?  I have fun on my skateboard.

Did you graduate high school?  Uhh… Nope. I dropped out at the end of 11th grade.

How long have you been skateboarding?  8 years

Who are you sponsored by?  Fucking Awesome, Nike, Supreme, Bones Bearings, Spitfire, and Thunder.

How did you start skateboarding?  My uncle Coop gave me a skateboard one day. I don’t know how it happened but I just kept skating.

Who’s your favorite skater?  Damn, I don’t know… Bruce Lee. He’s my hero.

What’s your favorite skate part?  Grant Taylor’s part in Debacle.

What’s your go-to trick?  Kickflips

Who’s your favorite people to skate with?  Nakel, You, Mikey sometimes, not Blake (Laughs), LeAndre, Tyshawn, Jimi Britches & Jesse.

Where’s your favorite place to skate?  The beach (Venice Skatepark)

What’s the best thing about being sponsored by Nike?  Traveling for sure. And they send my family shoes so that’s cool.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?  Turn on the TV and kickit. If nobody hits me up by 10am I just got to the skatepark.

What did you have for breakfast today?  Outdoor Grill at like 12 – I had a tri-tip sandwich with potato salad and baked beans.

No bev?  I had full bev, yes. Passion fruit and guava juice.

What’s something you have to do every single day?  Skate. Even if I’m not doings tricks, I at least get a few pushes in. I just gotta get out the house, I can’t be in the house all day.

If you could have any job in the world what would it be?  I would be one of those people that travel and take pictures of animals for National Geographic.

What’s your favorite place that you’ve been to?  Japan. Australia was pretty fun, oh and Gran Canaria in Spain.

What’s your favorite cartoon?  Adventure Time

What’s your go-to choice at the ice cream truck?  If they don’t got the Blizzard then I just get an ice cream sandwich.

Who’s your favorite Ninja Turtle?  Michelangelo, he’s the best one. That’s me in Ninja Turtle form.

What’s your favorite cereal?  Rice Krispies and put sugar in it. The most sugar! Frosted Flakes is where it’s at too. You can eat Frosted Flakes with no milk if you a real one.

More peanut butter or more jelly?  Peanut butter. You gotta have a nice amount of jelly though.

What’s the last song you listened to?  “Pleeze” by Dom Kennedy & Nipsey Hussle

How old were you when you lost your virginity?  14.

Damn, that’s kinda young…  It was chill. I went to this girl’s house and all I could think about is how in movies their parents always walk in. I hit for a cool 10 minutes (Laughs) I was on, first try.

Do you have a girlfriend?  Nah.

Why not?  I just be doing too much to have a girlfriend. Like I could be anywhere… I could be on a remote island and find me a bad one but if I have a girlfriend then it’s all over. You never know, maybe one day.

Any plans for the summertime?  Nigga, just be in the water as much as possible. Let’s go to Catalina! Are you wit that?

Duh, let’s do it.

Any last words?  There are no last words nigga, not yet.

Those Folks 2013 Recap

We started off the year with our Valentine’s Day release. At the time I wanted to design some non-cornball shit that was against (in my opinion) possibly the worst holiday to ever go commercial. The drop included 3 different t-shirts and a snapback.

The first design was a Kim Casali tribute called “Love Is…”

The second design was something I’ve had in mind for a long time and perfect for Valentine’s Day. I searched all over L.A. to find the right oxeye daisies, checked my little brother & sister out of school early, then took some pictures of them playing the game “She (or He) loves me, she loves me not.”

The snapback was designed from the absence of LOVE…

Our good friend Cole Moss released his “Why Unicorn Drinks” book.

We made new stickers and some new lookbooks for our field trip to Vegas for MAGIC.
Guerilla marketing at it’s finest!

My childhood friend Gilbert Trejo jumped back on the scene and I was privileged enough to put together a TDRT (The Dead Reagan Tour) x CBG (Chill Black Guys) show. It was the first time Gilbert’s band TDRT played a show in over 5 years, and the first time CBG ever played with a live punk band. The night was definitely one to remember!

FRANK151 reached out to us for an interview and posted the article on their website!
Click HERE to read it.

In May we released our second collaboration with Crap Eyewear. This time around we got to design 2 different styles. Our “T.V. Eye” style frames are possibly my favorite thing that I have ever designed.

Our brother “Black Daniel” was finally released from jail. In my best attempt to keep him out of jail, I decided to take a skate trip up North to Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Oakland, and San Francisco. He had the time of his life during the trip but my #KeepBlackDanielOuttaJail campaign didn’t work for as long as I wanted. He was arrested once again shortly after we returned to L.A.

We held Warm Brew’s listening party for their album “The Ride” at Venice Orignals.

A girl named Autumn in St. Louis got a Those Folks tattoo on her foot!

We purchased 2 VHS video cameras to start filming a new Those Folks video, and just like every year, we enjoyed every day of the Summer!

My cousin “Juice” started making Those Folks jewelry, it will be available soon.

We signed up in a basketball league for the first time, and definitely not the last.

I took my first ever family trip to Kern River. I had never been camping before, it was the best time I had all year.

We held our very first skate contest at the skatepark in Venice. We filmed the contest with our VHS cameras but we’re saving the footage for the new Those Folks video that will be out next year.

Our boy Miles Silvas from Sacramento got the cover of Transworld Magazine!

Mikey Alfred from Illegal Civilization put together his first art show featuring work from Nakel Smith, Lego, Cedric Grandberry, Myself, as well as his own.

I finally met Bobby Hundreds so we could talk about things that happened in the past and left a sour relationship between The Hundreds and Those Folks. I’m glad we cleared everything up and now there might be a TH x TF collaboration coming soon…

For the second year in a row, Those Folks fed the homeless in Venice for Thanksgiving. We served over 200 plates of food and handed out socks & beanies as well. It’s always good to give back and although the government is trying to make it illegal, I hope we can keep this tradition going.