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Warm Brew – “Ghetto Beach Boyz”


1 – Loose Ends [03:42]
2 – Can Ya Blame Me [03:45]
3 – Bringin Me Home [04:13]
4 – Hold on to Her (feat. Dom Kennedy) [04:38]
5 – Whispers [03:41]
6 – In a Bottle (feat. Arima Aderra) [03:37]
7 – Now You Know (feat. Hugh Augustine) [03:24]
8 – W$ Phonk [03:53]
9 – We Can Do It (feat. Tunji) [05:16]
10 – A1day1 (feat. Racella) [03:48]
11 – Live from Wembley (feat. Azizi Gibson) [05:23]


Denzel Curry – “Zone 3”

Before moving ahead to a new year and new music, Denzel Curry is making one last (and particularly apt) drop from his underrated debut Nostalgic 64: the video for his hometown ode “Zone 3.” The song is dedicated to the friends he has lost, including Trayvon Martin. Took my nigga, Chynaman, took my nigga PJ, and Trayvon, he spits, hot damn, who next on a white tee? as their school portraits and crime scene photos flash by. There are also multiple references to Skittles (which Trayvon Martin was carrying when he was murdered by George Zimmerman) and footage from Ferguson. As Curry explained in an e-mail to FADER, this is a story that is not unique to Carol City. “It’s about unity, I want Carol City to unite, I want humans to unite, it doesn’t matter where we’re from as long as everyone stands together. The enemy is not our own, we’re in all in the same struggle.”

via: Fader

Warm Brew – “Can Ya Blame Me?”


Our brothers Ray Wright, Serk Spliff & Manu Li, a.k.a Warm Brew are celebrating their signing to Dom Kennedy’s OPM record label with a new song “Can Ya Blame Me?” produced by Al B Smoov. Checkout the song below and be on the lookout for their upcoming Ghetto Beach Boyz project.