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Julian Cornell Smith a.k.a "Jay Ughh" (Chill Black Guys)

Interview by Richard Massie

Age:  23

Ethnicity:  Chillest Blackest

Where were you born?  Cedars-Sinai Hospital, next to the Beverly Center.

Where’s home?  West L.A. Palms Side

What do you do for a living?  Rapper/Skateboarder/Trapper

Did you graduate high school?  Yes, barely. (Hamilton High School)

What was your first job?  9Star

How long have you been skateboarding?  Since 1998, 5th grade. I started skating with my homies Austin and James.

Who’s your favorite skateboarder?  Keenan Milton R.I.P.

Favorite skate video?  Shorty’s “Fulfill The Dream” It pretty much shaped the type of skater I wanted to be.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?  “Smoke a spliff, brush my teeth, how I usually do.”

What’s your favorite song right now?  “Never Seen These” by Future

When did you start rapping?  In 11th grade, with my homies Todd & Corey (TCK a.k.a The Cali Kids) We would go record at the homie Quinn’s house in Cheviot Hills.

Music influences?  Mase 1st, 2nd DJ Quik, and 3rd Gucci Mane

What artist would you like to work with the most?  Dom Kennedy

What’s your favorite Dom Kennedy song?  “She Go” featuring Polyester

Favorite Cartoon?  Hey Arnold. Gerald was the original “Chill Black Guy”

Favorite Cereal?  Froot Loops

What was your last meal?  Cheese pizza and a orange/apple juice mix at Karlie’s house.

Drink of choice?  Patron & pineapple

More peanut butter or more jelly?  Jelly, for sure. Too much peanut butter is like cotton mouth.

Who’s your biggest influence?  Mom Dukes. She’s a workaholic, always on her grind.

Money, power, or respect?  Respect

Best pick-up line:  I just ask them if they’ve ever met a “Chill Black Guy”

What’s your weakness?  Bitches

How old were you when you lost your virginity?  I was 16, it was my birthday. I hit the room during my party and got my gift.

What’s the nickname of the girl who’s given you the best head you’ve ever got in your life?  “Pualani”

I hope she sees this or someone tells her, and you get some head again.  (Laughs) My nigga, me too!

What country do you want to visit the most?  Barcelona, Spain.

Movie suggestion:  ‘Fear’ with Marky Mark

What’s the craziest one-night stand you’ve ever had?  It was some 33 year old white girl, I pulled her at Cha Cha’s in Silverlake. Actually, she pulled me. She took me to her house, I smashed, and woke up to breakfast. Then she gave me a ride home and I’ve never seen her again, the way life should be.

What did she make you for breakfast?  Eggs, bacon, and toast. Some white people shit, no grits.

What kind of toast?  (Laughs) Wheat.

So what’s next for CBG?  Everyone got solo tapes coming out, then a group mixtape. Hawaii is releasing “Revenge of The Couch Surfer”, Corzilla is releasing “Off The Top Rope: Flex Edition”, and I’m dropping “Chillest Blackest: The Mixtape”

What’s your favorite verse from Young Hawaii Slim?  His verse from “On The Low”

Favorite verse from Corzilla?  His first verse on this track “Trippin” it’s not out yet.

What’s your favorite show you’ve performed at?  Oh, easy. The ThoseFolks x Crap release at the Townhouse.

Any last words?  Shout-out to The Folks, shout-out to the West for making me as chill as I am, shout-out to “The Block” for keeping me swagged out, and shout-out to my CBG’z because without my homies I wouldn’t be shit.

ThoseFolks 2011 Recap

We started the beginning of 2011 with a trip to MAGIC with the DTA Posse.

We spent about a week back home in Venice before taking a trip up to Sacramento to film for the ThoseFolks video!

On the road again… Off to Sac-town!

On our way home we stopped by San Francisco to visit the Folks for a few days…

Our good friend “Black Daniel” was released from jail. Unfortunately he fell right back in not too long after… He should be home in May 2012!

Legendary Nate Dogg passed away at age 41. Rest In Peace!

We got these dope ass pictures from our Folks in Afghanistan! The sacrifices they’re giving for us, our families, and our future are very honored and appreciated.

I bought my first film camera and started taking black & white portraits…

Rogue Status/DTA filmed a “Day In The Life” of myself, Richard Massie.

Back to S.F. for some fun in the city!

BornxRaised was created and it was only necessary for us (ThoseFolks) to drop a collaboration!

Rest In Peace “Macho Man” Randy Savage!

We celebrated the 3 year anniversary of ThoseFolks!

We re-released our “Say No To Hoes” t-shirt for the summertime!

We held the release party at Brooklyn Projects on Melrose!

Bobby Hundreds hated on us by editing a photo of Jay-Ughh from CBG wearing our “Say No To Hoes” tee to make it illegible on the Hundreds blog.

We adopted a pig into our family of friends and named her “HAM” from ThoseFolks!

We met these cool ass people by the name of Crap Eyewear and got a collaboration in the works! TF x CRAP 2012!

The mini-ramp on Lincoln in Venice got destroyed thanks to the new Pastor at the church!

Steve Jobs passed away… Rest in Peace!

We took another trip up to the Bay area to film for our Those Folks video…

Every time we’re in S.F. it’s almost mandatory we visit Sacramento!

We dropped our “Thank You Skateboarding” video parts on Thanksgiving!

Just before Christmas we held very first art show!

We’re really looking forward to the new year and what it has to offer! Best wishes to everyone in 2012, it’s your time, our time, now let’s shine!

(^This picture was taken 5 minutes ago) Happy New Years Everyone!

Another Great Night!

We held our very first art show this past tuesday at The Joint in West L.A. The show was such a great turnout and extremely fun night! Without a doubt, the show made this a December to remember!

We want to give a big THANK YOU to all the artists who displayed their amazing art work & to all the performers that kept the night going! (PreHistoric Crew, Tha Conclusion, Warm Brew, & Chill Black Guys) We’d also like to thank everyone who played their part and made the night possible.

“Juice” Martinez

Lindsay Chandler

Shawn Sanchez

Nori Pesina

Joel a.k.a. “2-to-the-left”

Photos By: PDH Music Ent.